Paul Johnston – Wittgenstein, Rethinking the Inner

Wittgenstein: Rethinking the Inner, by Paul Johnston

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  1. Wittgenstein: Rethinking the Inner

    Just finished this book. As is typical of the later Wittgenstein, here we get no substantive answers about metaphysical questions, but rather just a clarification about how to avoid confusion when talking about substantive issues.

    Wittgenstein’s entire latter work has this focus: simply to clarify, to give an overview, to help us understand how our concepts (like The Inner) work.

    As Johnston puts it, “The apparently modest nature of [this] enterprise and its consequent definitive but frustratingly nonsubstantive character may be one of the reasons why its author has been praised but largely ignored. The problem is that Wittgenstein seems to rob philosophy of its grandeur and its point.”

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